Buying scrap metal from Shredmet

Buy Scrap Metal from a metal supplier you can rely on. Shredmet is a very well-known and trusted scrap metal export business, processing and selling scrap metal worldwide for over 25 years. Buying metal couldn’t get any easier, simply find the grade you need and get our latest metal prices.

Who can buy metal from Shredmet

Anyone can buy metal from Shredmet. We sell scrap metal to any location required, whether it’s China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Dubai or the United States of America. We make buying metal easy. We quote based on your specific requirements and our scrap metal prices are based on the best prices available.

Metals we sell

We sell metal of all grades, ferrous and non-ferrous, high grade metals and low grade metals. We can sell and supply in quantities that suit your needs, from small shipment orders to large national contracts, we have both the ways and the means to deliver your metal promptly. The superior service that we deliver combined with our highly competitive metal prices, has enabled us to become an internationally recognized and trusted scrap metal export company.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
It may be that we just haven’t got around to adding it the list ye. Use the contact form and ask our team for more information.