International Metal Exports

Our Metal Export Company Shredmet, has been providing high quality recycled metal worldwide for over 25 years.

Shredmet International Metal Exports

Evolving from a family business Shredmet is constantly advancing and developing secured interests for the future. We are a forward thinking exporter of scrap metal and hold a continued vision within the recycling industry.Shredmet continually source new markets, in the purchase of scrap metal through to our ever increasing global export of recycled scrap metal.

Based in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Shredmet secures and supplies stocks of ferrous and non- ferrous scrap metal. We offer a complete service and dependant on terms, provide all documentation when you buy, export and recycle scrap metal from Shredmet.

Delivering the uppermost of standards to our customers has, and continues to allow us to work alongside, develop and further our business relationships on a long term basis.

We deliver honest market prices that have enabled us to develop and procure long term multiple contracts with some of the most prestigious steel mills and reputed companies within the industry, supplying high quality furnace feed,  for domestic and international smelters.

Shredmet scrap metal processing premises hold full environmental licences and employees hold qualifications recognised by the Waste Management and Advisory Board, together with certification in health and safety. You can be assured that all legal and environmental requirements will have been complied with.

Cutting Edge Technology

Using a 4500 HP heavy duty shredder combined with cutting-edge technology at our processing plant allows Shredmet to sort and grade in the region of 1000 tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metal per day.  All metal is categorised, prior to export, into internationally recognized grades, maximizing the values for the end user. Rigorously hand-sorting nonferrous scrap metal maintains excellent standards of quality .On site radioactive scrap detectors ensure that all scrap metal exported by Shredmet is free from any contamination caused by exposure to radioactive material.

Upon agreement of a sale, the customers allocated scrap metal is sorted, weighed and weighed and isolated for final packing into containers, scrap metal will packaged in bags or loose into containers according to the material and customers’ requirements.

To make certain that all Shredmet customers have peace of mind when buying  scrap metal  from us, we always recommend an inspection of the ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal upon purchase.

Extensive range of services

Our extensive ranges of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales contracts
  • Bills of Lading
  • International Letters of Credit (to conform to UCP 600) accepted
  • Certificates of origin
  • Form 9 transboundary movement documents
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection surveyors
  • Cost Insurance and Freight options
  • Cost and Freight options

With the ever changing market and demand for the export of scrap metal, Shredmet prices are continually updated